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From Global Vintage Wines Centre

Dear friends, wine-lovers & dealers,

RE : Health benefits for “moderate” wine consumption

As you are probably aware from the news media, the Harvard Researchers
have recently published a report on higher risks of contacting cancer by
drinking wines etc, which has greatly and seriously affected the sale
turnover of wines globally, not to mention the livelihood of the wine
producers and merchants.

As you may also be aware, certain politicians or would-be applicants for
seats at the forthcoming Legislative Council Election, have used these
pre-matured news to publicize their names etc at Press Conference of
certain professional associations, by exaggerating the risks and by
pressurizing the Hong Kong Government to re-introduce tariff and duty on
wines, even though the said report did state that moderate alcohol
consumption is probably harmless. Such damaging statements have already
caused the sale of wines in Hong Kong to drop significantly. Therefore, we
should all do something about it and the French Government and scientists
should now publish their medical reports on the benefits of drinking
moderate wine regularly, with empirical evidence, as we all know that
moderate drinking of wine is good for one’s health.

With that in mind, our Dr. D. Y. C. Mok has tried to assist the Wine
Industry by preparing the above article for publication, a copy of which
is attached for the ease of your reference.

If you are agreeable to our views, which are based on medical findings and
reports of famous Professors and Researchers around the World, please
circulate it to all your friends, business associates and wine consumers.

Many thanks for your co-operation and assistance to the Wine Industry.

With all good wishes!

Global Vintage Wines Centre (名酒坊)